These days I am often called ‘The Weeds Lady’. But like most of us, I have other interests and I do other things! 🙂 One topic I am passionate about is Heirloom Skills. Foraging is an heirloom skill. So, why not consider, ‘What other skills would be useful or interesting?’

The term Heirloom Skills was brought to broader public attention (and possibly even coined) by Rachel Kaplan. These are skills which were commonplace way back before the Industrial Revolution.  Since the Industrial Revolution, we have increasingly traded our ‘real world’ skills for technological skills.  A young friend of mine recently said she couldn’t wait for virtual reality in computer games to get so good she could live in virtual reality.  I had visions of the life support system being turned off and a generation of children wandering around in a confused daze!

Please indulge me if I take a few posts now and then to talk about this topic.  I figure if you are at this website these things might interest you.  So happy foraging and please consider other Heirloom Skills!P1010165

(to get the ball rolling, here is some soap from one of my recent natural soap-making classes!)