I am a pretty healthy specimen most of the time but one of those pesky little winter colds recently got me. The worst part was the raspy, sore throat. Talking at a workshop for six hours probably didn’t help! So, what to do? In this situation, I turn to the most soothing thing in the garden – mallow! In my part of the world Malva sylvestris is the most common mallow, but other mallows have similar properties.

How do you make mallow tea?  Take four or five mallow leaves, tear them up and put them into a tea infuser.  Pop the infuser in the cup and add hot water.  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then sip.  Feel your throat smile!

Now and then, I like to add some other helpful ingredients.  A few slices of tumeric which is anti-inflammatory, and, perhaps some ginger simply for the flavour, or for some of it’s healing properties.  Mallow tea has almost no flavour on its own so you can add whatever flavour you like.

Mallow is also great added to any dish you want to thicken.  The same properties that sooth a sore throat also thicken a stew!

Here’s a picture of a really large mallow leaf we found recently at an Edible Weeds Walk at the Darebin Parklands in Alphington.big mallow  These biggies are used in the Middle East to make a type of dolma!  What an amazing plant!