Cooking with Three Cornered Leek

Cooking with Three Cornered Leek

A prized edible weed in the UK, three-cornered leek has a subtle flavour like leek or spring onion. An amazing allium which can be found growing fresh in Autumn and Winter when many other alliums die back eg., chives, or are just starting to grow, eg., garlic. You can work hard growing spring onions or nature grows three cornered leek for you!
Leaves can be chopped like spring onions or garlic chives.

As the season progresses the white bulbs can be harvested and used like onions.
The flower buds, after the flowers have finished, can be pickled and used instead of capers.

  • Use in ‘smooth soup’s like broccoli, Jerusalem artichoke, potato – or on mashed potato or potato salad.
  • Make ‘incredible’ pesto, or, in home-made bread to impart a subtle oniony flavour.

Contains sulphur compounds (which give them their onion flavour) and when added to the diet on a regular basis they … help reduce blood cholesterol levels, act as a tonic to the digestive system and also tonify the circulatory system.


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June 11, 2014