Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Strictly, the basic recipe is to take a blender and fill it with roughly 1/3 green leafy vegetables and 2/3 fruit, plus water. For the serious green smoothyist, the ultimate idea is to eat only raw fruit and veg.
For those of us still a little hooked on dairy, or maybe for something less ‘serious’ for the kids, try this variation which is a winner at our house:

Banana / Honey / Milk + Just about any ANY edible green leafies! Yummy options include dandelion leaves, silverbeet, kale, nettles (really! you don’t need to cook them), mallow, sticky weed or sow thistle – or any combination of these. Any green leafy edible weeds are good except perhaps the oniony tasting ones.

We try other wacky things in our smoothies. Huge winner is spiced, poached quince – just add a tablespoon or so for a very sophisticated smoothy! Stewed apple is great. Or pop in a bit of juice – apple, orange, grapefruit or if you have juiced some carrots and celery or something else, add a bit of the juice to your smoothy.
If you don’t have bananas for that nice thick smoothy texture we all love, try a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal (uncooked, silly!), Alternatively, some linseed or almond meal. Yoghurt is great and good for the digestive system.

Basically, let your imagination run wild with smoothies. We are currently adding Yacon juice to ours – Peruvian Ground Apple some call it. Sweet and great for diabetics or anyone who wants a good, natural sugar. Stewed rhubarb can be delicious too!


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June 11, 2014