Ways with Weeds in the Kitchen


You can…

  • Simply eat many RAW. Add them to a sandwich or a wrap, nibble on them in the garden, pop them in a salad, have them as a garnish. 
  • Add them to a SMOOTHIE – a milky one or a fruit juice green smoothie
  • Use them as a POTHERB. Basically means just add handfuls of whatever green leaves you have to the dish you are making – stews, soups, pasta or rice dishes, curries. Dahl is a great dish to add a handful of greens to. Most edible weeds can be used as potherbs. Mallow has the advantage of thickening any dish you add it to!
  • Make some leaves into nourishing and soothing TEAS by adding boiling water and letting them sit for a wee while – lemonbalm, clover, nettles are some examples
  • DRY them to use out of season.  Nettles are dried to give to horses as a high nutrition supplement! Good for us too! You can use them as they are or crush them to a powder – put them in any dish – soups, stews, curries, or you can sprinkle them on your cornflakes!
  • Honestly, think of any ‘normal’ things you prepare in the kitchen and think ‘weeds’! Stir-fries, pasta sauces, pesto, dips, stews, patties. Heaps of edible weeds, for example, go really, really well with rice.
  • Discover really SPECIAL edible weed dishes – Mallow Soup – yuuuuum!


Enjoy these great recipes from Edible Weeds!